Robyn has had a wide breadth of clinical experience as a physiotherapist across private practice, public and private hospital work and community rehabilitation. She has spent a number of years in a senior advanced clinician role within a large, multidisciplinary, community rehabilitation team and gained in depth clinical experience in the management of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal conditions, acquired and progressive neurological disorders, cancer care plus falls and balance management, with an emphasis on retraining of mobility impairment. She was involved in the setting up and, training of, a model of care that was client centered and driven by client identified goals.

Robyn remains committed to this model of care and the depth and care of communication it requires. Robyn has taught physiotherapy students at The University of Q’ld, has a Level 2 qualification in Gerontology studies, has been a representative on the Q’ld Community Rehab Special Interest Group and the Q’ld Orthopaedic Physiotherapy Network. Robyn is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and is continuously active in professional development. With a great interest in motor retraining techniques and movement analysis, Robyn has trained and gained accreditation in clinical Pilates, and very much enjoys being able to share her enthusiasm for this with her clients.