Sports Performance - Performance Rehab

Sports Performance - Performance RehabWe can provide the most comprehensive screening available anywhere in the world for the active sports person. Our screening can be targeted at a variety of levels.

From elite athlete to serious competitor or to recreational sports person:

  • Basic to advanced
  • Sport specific
  • Body region specific
  • Injury specific

Screening And Risk Profiling:

  • Injury risk assessment and management planning
  • Stability Screening
  • Performance enhancement
  • Risk profiling
  • Preventative programmes

We Also Provide High Quality Sports Injury Management:

  • Joint and muscle based manual therapy
  • Motor control stability retraining utilising imaging ultrasound biofeedback training
  • Advanced ‘Core Stability’ training incorporating body loading techniques and apparatus based programs
  • Planning and supervision of strength, endurance and explosive power gym based training
  • Electrotherapy modalities

Sports Matrix (developed By Mark Comerford)

Have you noticed deficits in your sports performance (not explained by other factors), such as:

  • Adverse change in performance times, win/loss ratios, points scoring etc.
  • Unexplained inability to achieve close to ‘personal best’ performance
  • Increased fatigue
  • Decreased skill level affecting performance

Do you want to prevent known injury risk?

Do you have pain associated with performance?

Do you have technique that is resistant to coaching correction and advice?

Performance Stability have utilised the latest academic and clinical research to develop a unique, evidence based assessment and retraining package for specific client needs and sporting requirements. It identifies your ‘performance assets’ and ‘weak links’ in the stability and performance chain, in order to enhance your success in the sports arena.

Contact the Performance Rehab clinic for more information about Performance Stability and the Sports Matrix.