Physiotherapy - Performance Rehab

Physiotherapy - Performance RehabAt Performance Rehab we provide a revolutionary case management system. The physiotherapist will develop a holistic management plan in conjunction with the patient that incorporates a multidisciplinary approach in order to maximise and expedite recovery while incorporating strategies to prevent recurrence.

Our highly trained staff offer a unique combination of in house skills to provide a comprehensive, evidence based management program tailored to the individual’s specific needs.

This may include:

  • Joint based manual and manipulative therapy
  • Motor control stability retraining
  • Imaging ultrasound assessment of muscle performance and real time biofeedback retraining of muscle function, especially for the deep spinal stability muscles
  • High level ‘core stability’ training
  • Co-ordinated use of osteopathic joint and muscle mobilisation processes such as muscle energy techniques and myofascial manipulation
  • Neuro-dynamic mobilisation
  • Apparatus based stability and performance training utilising pilates, sling exercise therapy, physio ball, fitter and foam roller
  • Gym based exercise programs to increase strength, power, endurance, and aerobic fitness
  • Electro-therapy modalities
  • Preventative & maintenance programs to minimise injury and maximise performance potential